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​​TOP TIP FOR SOFT TOPS - if you own a convertible, you'll know how difficult it is to keep the fabric of your car's roof clean. Here's a simple solution - cut a long piece of 6" wide TrakkTape, burnish it onto the roof fabric and then simply peel it away to remove all those bits of dirt!

These three pictures of the Risi Competizione Ferrari 488 - at the Daytona 24 Hours this year - clearly illustrate why you need TrakkTapeTM on your car. OK, so you may not be racing at Daytona, but following another car during a track day leaves the bodywork of your car vulnerable to dirt - usually rubber or oil - from the car in front. Even if you're in 'clean air', the rubber

thrown-up from your own tyres (front and rear) can cause severe damage to your own car's otherwise pristine paintwork.

- keeps your car pristine, even after it's been on track


'Easy to apply. Easy to remove. Would buy again. In fact, bloody sure of it. Really good

stuff, frankly.’

‘It rocks. Goes on really quickly and easily
Did the job very well.’

'I can report no damage. Easy to apply, and sticks well . . .'

''No damage to report - some evidence on

the tape that it had done its job.'

'I failed to spot any damage under the tape.'

Before you take your car on-track,

make sure it's protected with TrakkTapeTM

TrakkTapeTM is the BEST track day paint protection

TrakkTapeTM is 5mm thick and specially formulated to be the best tape for temporary paint protection on track days. The residue-free

adhesive is sticky enough to stay on your car, but not so sticky that it is hard to remove - even if left on for up to two weeks.

TrakkTapeTM is almost invisible in track day photographs . . .​​

The yellow Porsche is shown on-track with full TrakkTapeTM paint protection. Even if there are a few imperfections showing - as 

highlighted on the Lotus Elise (above) - these can usually be Photoshopped out.

Ferrari photographs by courtesy of Regis Leferbure

BMW photographs courtesy of Egan Schulz